Mechanical Design

I’m a bilingual mechanical design engineer with 10 years of experience designing converting machinery in the plastic industry (Winders, Roll handling, etc), Plasma nitriding furnaces in the heat treatment industry and leading plant expansion projects in the mining industry and knowledge of Australian Standards in different design and drawings applications.

Skill snapshot

Structural Drawings

Structural drawings with compliance of Australian Standards 1100, 1170, 1548, 1554, 4100, etc

CAD Drafting

AutoCAD | Solidworks | Inventor | Catia | Civil 3D


Mechanical design with 3D models in Solidoworks, Inventor and Creo

Assembly Drawings

Machinery Assembly drawings

Assembly on-site

Hands-on experience in manufacture, assembly and install of designs

Floor plan 2.pdf

Building Approval drawings

Arquitectural site plans with elevation lines and Floor Plans of buildings

section views 2.pdf

Arquitectural drawings

Aquitectural drawings such as sections and elevations.

Plumbing plan 2.pdf

Services drawings

Building services drawings such as plumbing, slab plan, wall framing, footing, etc

Civil 3d design

Basic knowledge on Civil 3d software for parcel designation, road design, land and terrain modification, stormwater and pipe structure design.

profile dwg.pdf

Road design and profile drawings

Road design in compliance of Local Government Association Tasmania standard drawings

road section 2.pdf

Road and stormwater section drawings

Road and stormwater drawings in compliance of Local Government Association Tasmania standard drawings

2D CAD Machining drawings

Mechanical design for manufacture

Manufacturing process

Machining shops | GD&T | Surface finish | Fits and Tolerances

3D Mesh & FEA

FEA Calculations for prediction of angle of inclinations in boat design

Scaled verification of calculations

Verification of calculated conditions through scaled tests

Engineering projects

Project Management | Mechanical calculations | Budget estimations | Remote engineering

On-site engineering

Contracts and supplier management | Construccion and assembly | Commissioning